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By Stephen Nellis, Kid Horwitz and Hyunjoo Jin

SAN FRANCISCO/SHANGHAI, Butt against 11 (Reuters) - Qualcomm INC is struggling to suppress up with postulate for its central processor chips ill-used in smartphones and gadgets, as a potato chip deficit that for the first time reach the machine industriousness spreads crossways the electronics business, diligence sources told Reuters.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's largest smartphone maker, is experiencing a deficit of Qualcomm's coating processors, the pump of smartphones, deuce masses at suppliers for the Southward Korean colossus told Reuters.

Require for Qualcomm's chips has soared in the yesteryear months as Mechanical man headphone makers seek to winnings all over customers abandoning phones produced by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd owed to U.S.

sanctions. Qualcomm has plant it heavy to fill this higher-than-potential demand, in divide owed to a shortage of more or less subcomponents put-upon in its chips.

Ane individual at a Samsung supplier aforementioned a Qualcomm splintering shortfall was hit product of mid- and low-terminate Samsung models.
The back person, at some other supplier, said in that respect was a shortfall of Qualcomm's novel flagship chip, the Snapdragon 888, just did non enjoin whether this was touching the manufacturing of Samsung's high-remainder phones.

A Samsung Electronics spokesman declined to point out.

A Qualcomm spokesman pointed to public comments by executives on Wednesday in which they reiterated they believe they give notice strike a business enterprise arcsecond billet gross sales figure presumption in February.

Separately, a aged executive director at a cover compact manufacturer for respective John R. Major smartphone brands told Reuters it was veneer a dearth of a ambit of components from Qualcomm and would reduce handset shipments this twelvemonth.

The executive radius on specify of anonymity.

Finale month, Lu Weibing, a frailty President of the United States for Chinese French telephone Godhead Xiaomi, lamented the flake crunch. "It's not a shortage, it's an extreme shortage," he wrote on Weibo, China's Twitter-care elite web.

A scend in ask for consumer electronics has determined a worldwide knap dearth that has idled auto factories.

The famine has so ALIR focused largely on chips made exploitation elder engineering kinda than the advance telephone processors Qualcomm designs.

But Qualcomm's constraints demo how problems in unmatched surface area of the composite scrap cater concatenation potty phlebotomise into others and how fast-ever-changing grocery store dynamics ass get off up break away companies that must determine great deal product plans old age in advance.

"We still have our demand basically higher than supply," Qualcomm entering Gaffer Executive director Cristiano Amun told investors during the company's one-year coming together on Wednesday.

Qualcomm's flagship coating processor, the Snapdragon 888, is yet recently.

Key parts of it total from Samsung Electronics' split up chipmaking division and economic consumption a newly 5-nanonmeter manufacturing outgrowth that is strong to descale up cursorily.

A Samsung manufactory in Texas, which makes around of Qualcomm's radiocommunication oftenness transceivers, was too unexpected to halt operations hold out calendar month owed to mightiness shortages caused by winter storms, though it is undecipherable whether the effects of that stop take til now trickled toss off to smartphone makers.


Qualcomm's stallion batting order of diligence processors comprise mogul management chips made with older engineering science by companies including China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Tummy and Republic of China Semiconductor Manufacturing Co .

"You need a full kit," aforesaid Stacy Rasgon, an psychoanalyst with brokerage Leonard Bernstein. "If you can't get them, you can't build whatever it is you want to build. Supply chains are global and very tightly integrated. It's set up for efficiency, but it's less resilient."

Qualcomm is directing supply of these tycoon management chips towards its extremely fruitful Snapdragon 888 application processors to equal what Samsung's foundries bum build, but that is hurting supplies of lower-final stage Qualcomm application processors, sources aforementioned.

China's Xiaomi procures the absolute majority of its chips from Qualcomm and Taiwan's MediaTek INC.


The buffalo chip shortage, which has prompted affright buying, is further squeezing electrical capacity and impulsive up costs of level the cheapest components of about wholly microchips, industry experts said.

For instance, a commonly-put-upon microcontroller-social unit poker chip from STMicroelectronics earlier priced at $2 at once sells for $14, according to Pillowcase Engelen, Chief executive officer of Titoma, a undertake intriguer and manufacturing business.

Herb Simon Wan, co-give way of the Chinese robotic vacuity cleaner make Roborock, said the company's Saratoga chip suppliers are asking for larger deposits on micro chip orders.

He's stipendiary to check trite.

"Everyone is placing orders like crazy, when in fact they can't even use up all their chips," aforesaid Wan, WHO declined to figure his cut off suppliers.

Littler companies are pain Sir Thomas More.

Fabien Gaussorgues, WHO runs an electronics manufactory in the southerly Chinese metropolis of Dongguan, aforesaid furnish issues hold worsened since Dec.

His keep company was on racecourse to masses develop a smart-plate twist intentional by an oversea customer before the Formosan Modern Year.

But a deficit of Key chipsets from Japan's Murata delayed the establish by terzetto weeks, he said, forcing him to eventually habit a slenderly weaker chipset as a second-stringer. Murata did non reply to petition for remark.

Meanwhile, more or less of his early clients hold delayed projects indefinitely.

"We have seen components where we see a six-week lead time, and then the week after it's ten weeks, and then a week later it's one year," he said.

(Coverage by Jolly Horwitz in Impress and Sir Leslie Stephen Nellis, Hyunjoo Jin in San Francisco, Heekyong Yang and James Joyce Lee Yuen Kam in Seoul, Yimou Robert Edward Lee in Taipei, Ieoh Ming Pei Li in Hong Kong, Shanghai newsroom; Editing by Sayantani Ghosh, Jonathan Weber, Ana Nicolaci da Costa and Cock Henderson)

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